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Good or bad - making choice is hard DPC, June 7th 2019
Interface Segregation - DPC, June 8th 2019

Previous talks

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The value case for unit tests - video
Composer - the good, the bad and the ugly
PHP Traits
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Good or bad - making choice is hard 14th March 2018 PHPSW
Docker Mistakes 10 October 2018 PHPSW
Interface Segregation - Cardiff, February 28th 2019

Draft talks

Background workers
Solid structure
Docker Lesssons learned
Audio visual hygiene


Constructor behaviour of internal classes - passed PHP 7.0
Closure from callable - passed PHP 7.1
get_class() disallow null parameter - PHP 7.2
Consistent Callables - for PHP 8.0
Improved error control operator - draft


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